Monday, July 23, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week features Dan Hipp, JH Williams III, Fabio Moon, Jim Rugg, Skottie Young, Eric Canete, Mike Choi, David Lefuente, Dustin Weaver, Phil Noto and Francesco Francavilla!

Dan Hipp

JH Williams III
CBR News: While Sandman is obviously an awesome gig, will this project affect your run GLAAD award-winning run on "Batwoman"?
J.H. Williams III: Not really. I will have to take a break from doing artwork -- we're finishing up the artwork for third arc right now. There are two more issues to draw of that before switching over to the "Sandman" stuff, but Haden [Blackman] and I will be carrying on as the writing team while I'm working on "Sandman."
[Taking a break from the artwork on "Batwoman"] probably would have been the plan, regardless. Even if I was going to be doing more art on "Batwoman," someone else would have been working on the fourth arc while I was doing the third, so it doesn't really affect the movement of how the stories will be handled, if that makes any sense.
In the video announcement, Neil Gaiman said he was a fan of your work, specifically citing "Promethea" and "Batwoman," but he also said we would see a side of you in "Sandman" that we have never seen before. Are you changing things up for this project?
That's a tricky question because I am always looking for ways to try out new things. Neil knows that and he's going to try and push me into some stuff that we may not have seen before in terms of types of story that I've told in the past.
It's clearly going to be "Sandman," so it's going to be unlike anything I've drawn previously. The closest thing might be "Promethea" but even that book feels dramatically different from "Sandman." It's definitely going to bring out some different things from me. It should be pretty cool.
When you look at the promo piece that was done, you clearly see that there are some different things going on there than stuff I've done in the past, even though other things I've done in the past have a pretty psychedelic aspect to it. But again, that "Sandman" piece does feel different.

Fabio Moon

Jim Rugg

Skottie Young
Spongebob zombie color

Eric Canete

Mike Choi and David LeFuente

Dustin Weaver

Phil Noto

Francesco Francavilla

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