Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Warlord of Mars #19

John Carter and his son Carthoris have smashed the power of the “First Born”, the black skinned race of Martians who enslaved the planet for untold eons with the false religion of Issus. Issus is dead, and the victorious forces of Helium are consolidating their hold on Dor, the valley of horrors where the white skinned Therns lured the green and red Martian races to their doom. But all is not well, Dejah Thoris, Carthoris’ mother and Carter’s wife is trapped within the terrible temple of the sun. Only hope is keeping Carter together.

I do have to admit that I am loving this interpretation that Arvid is telling. He has this innate sense to really get to the core of a character through not only their dialogue but through their actions as well.

While not a nobleman John Carter is still trying to do something incredibly noble by uniting the races of Mars. There shouldn’t be one class or race ruling above another he wishes to create a peaceful world where all are equal. Noble yes but ultimately foolish let’s face it peace cannot come through force and violence.

Still he has managed to find allies who are loyal to him and his cause from all the races so far. By working with them he could do through peace and talk what force and violence cannot do. Though by showing the noble women who were caught be freed because it would not do to hold them goes a long way in making things right.

That is why Linea decided to trust Carter and his son and take them where her Grandfather has run off too. See he wants to destroy the world, after all if the first born cannot rule then better the planet should die. Yeah there is some sound reasoning for you. Still Linea and Carthoris seem to have a mutual crush going on and that could bode well for future relations.

There is something special about this series that stems from Arvid’s mind and works it way onto the page. I am having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it is but then sometimes you just know it is there and that is enough. Of course it helps that the art is so good and is able to use the words to express the emotions on the page visually.

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