Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Kirby: Genesis—Captain Victory #6

If our infinite universe spawns a limitless variety of Planets and Men, it must also breed special dangers which only a force unique in purpose and method can deal with.

Tiger 20 was wounded and had to spend time in his restoration chamber which explains to me how his mind was programmed to turn against and kill Captain Victory. This of course is the easy explanation though it could very well be something else.

I almost forgot that last issue Flavia was shadow-infected and brought aboard as a personal favor to Major Klavus. Who now blames himself for not hiding his daughter better, though if she is anything like her old man then it isn’t his fault she followed in his footsteps and this happened to her. However Klavus seeing her awake in her stasis tube is either the truth or an hallucination either way this is leading to an interesting development.

A mole has been planted in each ship. The mole on this ship is Tiger 20 and now this explains why he was fighting Captain Victory during the opening sequence of this book. After overhearing a ships technician or doctor ask Kavus if they want them to grow a new body of Flavia we see that Tiger 20 goes to the bay and kills off the rest of Captain Victory’s clones. If he can do that there and he kills his current body then he has no way to come back and he’s dead once and for all.

There was a nice twist in the end where Tiger 20 turns out to be a shapeshifting assassin put on board to replace the real one.

This was a nice lil who dunnit that gave us a chance to learn more about the crew, their personalities and the lives they lead. The characterization was good, the story and plot are something I couldn’t find fault with. For a book created from a sketch or a concept, and being unfamiliar with Kirby’s creations from the get go, I find this to be an enjoyable series. Whether it pays homage to Kirby by its look and feel I don’t know but it does honor his memory by keeping is creations alive, even those that were never fleshed out to begin with.

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