Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Enormous #1

First thing I noticed was that the art here is utterly fantastic! The attention to detail is incredible and the colours are simply gorgeous. On a whole this would be the kind of stand out that would garner attention and make people flip through it.

Animals at least that are what they look like to me such as alligator’s, lizards, flies, preying mantis’ even vampire bats all the size of buildings or SUV’s. These beasts are Enormous and they are mutations caused by man years ago. They are the downfall of civilization they are the reason the human race is endangered.

Ellen watched what looked like an alligator eat her mother. Now a year later she goes and rescues people and brings them to a safe haven. On this trip while saving some children she’s captured and taken to meet someone. Chaos ensues literally and she has to make an escape with the kids and those that came to rescue her.

This isn’t an easy world they live in. It really is survival of the fittest and quite possibly the biggest. Even the plants have mutated to give psychotropic drugs to make you feel euphoria so that they may eat them, man eating plants. Thanks to one ecological disaster the planet is irrevocably changed. Birds, bugs you name it the skies are theirs now.

Even in the silo they call home, Ellen is considered a loose cannon and this latest unauthorized excursion has brought unwanted attention on them. The guys from Phoenix have followed them and if they have to fight for survival they will.

However Ellen takes a small party and heads off in a different direction hoping to lure them away from the rest. It works of course but we do finally get to learn what exactly happened. Alchem created a chemical to turn arid deserts to a thriving jungle only it worked too well and the animals, insects and the rest started mutating and becoming enormous.

The governments of the world shut the nodes down with the scientists and everyone inside. They were afraid that they were contaminated and they were right. They used the chemicals on themselves to create a next stage in human evolution that was forced and unnatural. Now they share the planet with humans and the enormous trying to do nothing more than survive.

They went from a world where food and fuel were in short supply to a world where they still had to fight for their very survival. Its cautionary tale at best, a mini-series in comic book form and one heck of a good read. This ‘what could be’ story rivals many that I’ve already seen including made for Syfy movies.

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