Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: The Massive #2

In the months following the Crash—a global eco-socio-enviornmental cataclysm that sent the world into chaos – the direct-action conservationist ship Kapital searches the world’s oceans for the Massive its missing sister ship.

Off the coast of Russia, the Kapital hides in dense fog from marauding Siberian pirates. Mary, and several more of the crew, are out in a zodiac fast-attack boat attempting to lure the pirates away.

Brian is creating quite a new and unique world here. By doing some now and then storytelling we get to see the relationship between Mary and Cal and why she is so important to him. We also get to see the world at large, a new Hong Kong being built upon the water on top of and around the sunken city.

We see how the crew of the Kapital operates now under Cal’s command. They seem to be a well oiled machine having been at sea for quite some time now. I am curious as to how long they’ve been together, I mean I am assuming it was before the Crash but it hasn’t been specified, and I’m naturally curious.

There is so much danger in this new world, pirates, bombers, it seems that whoever has the most weapons has the most power and rules the largest portion of land and those that don’t steal what they need. There is also a constant threat of natural disasters still to contend with. Earthquakes at sea causing whirlpools, continental shifts and flooded coastal areas not to mention objects entering Earths atmosphere.

It’s definitely a captivating world and one that begs for further exploration. Both words and art work extremely well together to portray this fascinating world they live in.

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