Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Saga #4-5, Concrete, Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #2-3

Saga #4, 5 –
BKV slows the pace down a bit and sheds some insight into marital ‘turmoil’ and minor disagreements. It is however done with a touch of finely drawn and risqué art from the ever wonderful Fiona Staples and seeing the protagonists in knots when threats arise always allows BKV to shine. The plot thickens here as some of the ‘villains’ find themselves in a moral dilemma and their compasses are soon sent into spirals. There’s a nice touch of humanity, empathy and despair added to the ‘baddies’ and there’s a Paul Haggis aka CRASH feel to this tale that everything and everyone will intersect, with dire ramifications.  Usually, this is where I complain that nothing has been shed about the narrator aka BABY…but here, it works just fine. There’s an element of mystery that even if not factored in, still never discredits the title. (8/10)

Concrete (one shot) –
Paul Chadwick draws and scripts a very endearing Dark Horse anthology which features three stories about Concrete, someone very similar to Ben Grimm, as he sets out to change the world in a Forest Gump-like fashion. His endearment and genuine warm tone makes a touching read as he investigates the inner workings of the human mind while positing solutions against crime and even, doing some detective work himself. His humanitarian side is most profound as he shows being different isn’t such a bad thing. It’s a lovely and soft read that treads on the gentle nature of the human heart. (9/10)

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #2, 3–
Haden Blackman does well in his scripts where an assassination attempt on Palpatine throws Vader, a miltant Laurita Tohm and a sneaky, Moff Trachta, on a quest to eke out the conspirers. What’s fashioned also is an engrained plot where the Jedi Council hid war prisoners, loyal to Palpatine, in a special prison to keep these mongrels away from the galaxy. Vader is off to find them but the pivotal Tohm finds the reader guessing as to his true allegiance. Trachta is very secretive and duplicitous as is the conniving scheme to off Palpatine. Some uncharacteristic traits do befall the title – why did the Jedi behave like Siths, why is Vader punching stuff and not using the Force and how could the sentinel Jedi at the Prison not sense that all her follow order-members…were eradicated. These are fine threads that really lower the quality of a story that has good meat. The Agustin Alessio art makes up though as it gleams with a smooth and edgy take of space. He really outstands and takes the book to a new level. I’m still in. (8/10)

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