Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Revival #1

Okay I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book and to be perfectly honest I’m still not sure what I read. I mean the story opens with a Zorse, a Zebra/Horse hybrid bred for shows and such, dying.

Then we go to the border and police and the CDC and they talk as if some religious nuts are revivalists. Of course there is tension here as well which was natural to see and handled very well.

Then we get the star of our little story, Dana, a police officer who works for her father, has a son and is a single parent. Now it’s before school and her son is outside playing in the snow where he hears a noise and goes to investigate and finds himself face to face with an alien.

After Dad tells her her assignment Dana goes to interview a family that owned the Zorse. On the way she finds her sister standing on a bridge staring at the ice as it flows down river. Instead of going to school herself she tags along with her sister. Here things get even weirder as the old lady has pliers and stabs her daughter in the neck, killing her. She’s going off about how her teeth keep growing in and how she has to yank them to wear her dentures. She’s lost it mentally seriously and then she attacks Dana. Martha attacks the old lady but she ends up killing Martha, the sister. Well then as it turns out Martha is revived and isn’t dead and kills the old lady and says don’t tell dad.

This was one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read in I don’t know how long. Everything in this is a what the blank moment. You keep reading and you keep getting deeper and deeper into something so strange that you can’t put it down you have to keep going. After finishing the last page you want more but then you go back and re-read it because you need to make sure you read what you just read.

Wow alright this is one of those books where sometimes words fail you but you know its something incredibly special.

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