Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: The Green Hornet #26

Well as you can see this is definitely a case of two Hornets aren’t as good as one. At least when one is a hired killer, impersonating the hero in order to ruin his reputation, kill him and Kato and do the Mayor’s bidding.

I’ll be honest I left this series after the first creative team left I felt the quality of the book just wasn’t the same and unfortunately I still feel that way. The writing is okay nothing spectacular though I did feel the issue dragged on too long and that shouldn’t happen.

Also the art isn’t up to the high quality I’m used to on other Dynamite books that I read.

After having the previous Mayor killed and stepping up to fill the role he’s been on a bender trying to rid himself of the Hornet. The only person capable of stopping him and ruining his plans. At some point you have to wonder how these people, like the others in the capital or the Police Chief are blindly following him. Are they in his back pocket or is it just because he’s the Mayor. Regardless more people should be questioning him and his motives because from what I can see the man is mentally unbalanced.

Spin is everything and by using officer Chritton as a rallying cry, he was trying to help the Green Hornet and got shot instead, to help capture the Green Hornet by blaming him for the man’s gunshot wound. Telling every citizen to arm themselves, take to the streets and help him rid their city of the Hornet. Only one reporter recognizes that he’s a lunatic and that this is madness? With so many armed idiots on the street there is going to be so much damage that the city may never recover.

Speaking of recovering, Britt and Mulan need time to recover and recoup, heal and find a safe house. That however doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I can’t believe that the Mayor had time to call a press conference and do all that damage and Britt and Mulan couldn’t get to a safe place in that duration. Seriously even hurt they should have had time to get somewhere safe or that dude in the lair should be out looking for them by tracing their signal to its last known location and starting a search from there.

See there were too many holes here and some stuff that happened without a decent explanation and the timelines just don’t seem to add up. Plus they get stopped already by people on the street shooting at them making them run for their lives already and come across one of their foes with a grudge out looking for revenge on Kato. A mysterious person saves them after Britt throws up again.

To me this is no longer a good representation of what the series was when it started and that makes me sad.

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