Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: GI Joe #15

G.I. Joe is in trouble: after Cobra’s invasion of a Southeast Asian country was carried out successfully. G.I. Joe’s budget was slashed, General Hawk was relieved of command, and the existence of the covert unit was revealed to the world at large. Now, Duke steps into the leadership role and plans to get the G.I. Joe team back on its feet.

Scarlett anxious for action after the disappearance of Snake Eyes, leads a mission to disrupt Cobra’s mining operations in South America, but the mission goes quickly awry. Scarlett is captured, and Stalker and his team are forced to work in the mines. Scarlett escapes into the facility, Mainframe sneaks in wearing a Viper disguise, and Stalker and his team decide to make a break for it farther into the mines, in the hopes of finding another way out.

Main’s attempt to save Scarlett doesn’t quite go as planned; this is one woman who needs no rescuing. Instead she’s slightly miffed he stowed away and isn’t part of a larger rescue team. She has to cover his butt now too after all.

Duke has assembled an extraction team, which looking at it seems a bit like overkill to me. Still Scarlett is his most valuable asset I mean the woman is freakin amazing in both tactics and inspiring the troops, not mention her own skills in the field. I do like how they get their fuel and all that stuff I think it’s pretty smart.

Stalker and the boys find the lake and the crystals which have to have some kind of importance I just don’t know what yet. They find explosives and everything they need to make a stand, escape and cripple the mining operation.

I love and hate that IDW only gives me a ten page preview because it’s maddening when you want to see more, but it is seriously more than enough to draw you in and make sure you are picking up the issue. Chuck Dixon has some very mad skills and his writing just keeps getting and better and better. The intricate layers of plot and characterization, the multiple layers of different threads all reaching to a similar conclusion is just amazing.

I like the art it’s pretty darn good, it could be a little cleaner, crisper and more detailed but it is very nice.

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