Friday, July 6, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Orchid, Epic Kill, Heart plus more!

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Hoax Hunters #1 –

Axel Medellin’s art continues Image’s vein of simple yet concise illustrations topped by engrossing story lines. Mike Moreci and Steve Seeley offer up a ScyFy Saturday night plot and while it comes off as fun, there’s too much levity that was unintended and it bogs down the title a bit. Searching for swamp creatures and finding conspiracy theories in their preservation or debunking their rumours, comes off a bit too far-
fetched…even for this title. It starts off nicely but wanes at the end when the plot reveals itself. It’s hard to get immersed into this but I can give it another issue to impress. (6/10)
Orchid #8 –
After Opal’s reign and heroic feats, Morello uses Scott Hepburn and Dan Jackson’s pristine art to cultivate and build on Orchid’s new path. It’s well-drawn out and the exposition makes sense for such a drastic transformation. There’s a pummelling feel when sides are drawn and the calls to arms are made…and Morello doesn’t skip a beat. Orchid’s revolution is roving but to a grand massive extent. Whoever said delusions of grandeur are bad things definitely need to keep reading this title. From Orchid’s quest for bloodthirsty vengeance to her growth and development into a saviour (dare I say…messiah)…there’s a lot of heart found in this book…and that alone is worth the purchase. (10/10)
Heart TPB –
I lost track after issue 3 but up till then…this book rocked. Blair Butler crafted a story where I could feel the punches and smell the sweat…hear the entrance themes…while adorned by the colourless yet vivid and vivacious art of Kevin Mellon. Overall, this tale of a down-and-out MMA fighter trying to eke out a name for himself adds a great deal of grit, perseverance and charisma that is absent from many titles. Rooster’s rise on the local circuit and his heart to keep getting up when down really proves that the title of this book is not only fitting but inspiring. A girl wrote this – now that’s even more altruistic right? Indeed. The plights and humanity of the MMA fighters are brilliantly fleshed out and there’s a nice end to this tale that really adds value to the meaning of the book. (10/10)
Epic Kill #2, 3 –
Raff Ienco takes this tale of a young female assassin, and throws in some Kill Bill into her Elektra-influence, as she recalls her training and origins while she paves her path to her target – the US President. There are small political undertones inserted here but it remains an action-packed brawl that somehow seems to remind me of Timur Bekmambetov’s films. On her quest, she struggles to ascertain why her target is so elusive but within her rhyme, reason and purpose, not much light is shed into her paternal links…which may well prove the future twist to come. The book isn’t bad…it’s highly unbelievable at times…but there’s some sense of captivation in an ‘amnesiac’ on the lam. Ienco’s plot and art makes it worth it…in an unconventional manner. (7/10)
Thieve of Thieves #5, 6 –

Shawn Martinbrough’s art remains spot on and Nick Spencer kicks things up a notch when Redmond makes a deal with the devil only to get double-crossed. In a touch of the ‘Departed’, Redmond turns informer while his ex-lover hires a crew for a vicious heist. When things seem to swing one way, they turn out to be not what they seem as Spencer keeps the reader guessing due to the duplicitous nature of the title. There is a welcomed air of mystery as Spencer unshackles the torment and intrigue that comes part and parcel with the scheming Redmond. Who to believe? You won’t get the answer just yet because there are still a lot of double-crosses to come…and the manner in which these dominoes are being set up is quite mouth-watering. (9/10)

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