Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: The Lone Ranger vol.2 #7

Visually the first eight pages were stunningly beautiful and told the story almost without a written word. This takes some nice communication between the writer and the artist and Esteve’s pulled it off flawlessly. I truly am extremely impressed with what I saw on the page.

Surprisingly enough we didn’t see the Lone Ranger this issue it focused on Tonto, his acceptance within his tribe, his role as a big brother, husband and father.

All of which did such wonders in fleshing out just what kind of man he is. This is the kind of man I’d be proud to call my friend and to have in my life. His stark honesty and strength of conviction shone through gloriously here as much as on the page as in what was said.

This was actually a wonderful tale and we saw pretty much everything in it. There were Rogue Indians bent on revenge and the question whether or not to help them by supplying them. This was met with some talk till the tribal elder put his foot down. Still the discussion was valid and those rogue Indians were the last of their tribe who is to say that Tonto’s tribe wouldn’t be next?

The tribe is somewhat divided in their thinking. Some think with emotion and some with their heads and it’s almost a pretty even split from what I can see. Still cooler heads prevailed which was nice but the honesty you see in the tribe is incredible.

Tonto wants to just live in peace and raise his son and love his wife. That is all he asks for, though he isn’t going to get that. It isn’t within his destiny to have a peaceful life. I wonder if this is before he meets up with the Lone Ranger and if so what is to become of his tribe. If what I read later in this issue is any indication I understand what is to happen.

We see American Soldiers who misunderstand things as well. They think because one Indian attacks they represent all Indians regardless of the different peoples/tribes. While I realize that during this time the indigenous population was treated badly, taken advantage of and in some cases hunted to extinction the thought of these soldiers actively talking genocide disturbs me.

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