Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Morning Glories #20

This issue we get to learn all about the relationship between Lara and Georgina. We start with Georgina coming out after meeting her father who has beat her pretty badly and Lara takes care of her and the flashback begins.

I wasn’t expecting anything that I saw either. Nick did things here that were shocking, expected, jaw dropping and just proved that he is a talent to be reckoned with.

We learn they have different mothers, as we see Lara’s birth and mere moments after it she’s put down, the mother that is. She was special, had talents, Lara’s mother that she passed down to her daughter. The share the same father however, whom we still haven’t seen yet.

Because she’s special Georgina becomes jealous of her and thinks that father loves her more and the rivalry begins, albeit one sided. See they are being groomed to run the Academy one day and they are facing trials so he can decide who that shall be. We know ultimately its Georgina but we learn a few things along the way.

There was a test that Georgina undertook that I have to say shocked the hell out of me and by the end of the issue her revelations really just sunk my battleship. Still she’s daddy’s little girl and loves her sister very much, as much as daddy does. She will always be there for her.

What this ultimately means for the students we don’t know yet but I can tell you this much everything will be hinging upon Casey.

It’s hard to do a review without spoiling things here because the issue is chock full of revelations that are meant to explain, shock and awe the reader and trust me they do just that. This issue was an experience, I mean we’ve wanted to learn more about these two women who seem like such opposites, how can they sisters and why doesn’t Lara do anything to stop Georgina? Many answers are given here however be warned that just as many questions are raised as well. It’s a never ending cycle that keeps the reader on their toes, coming back month after month to see if what is going to happen next.

Nothing is guaranteed here people, everything you know is suspect to change at a moments notice and that is one reason I love this series. I never know what is around the corner and guessing or hypothesizing is useless, Nick has to seen to that. Joe has also been just getting better and better with each issue and the world he’s created visually is wonderful. They two have become synonymous and I don’t think this series would be as successful if they didn’t work together.

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