Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Battle Beasts #1

Interesting a story about humanoid animals who live in warlike society constantly at battle. The specifics of which aren’t revealed as of yet. However we do know that the three stars, a Ram man, a Walrus man and an Eagle man, have quit fighting and now have bounties on their heads. They essentially outlaws now constantly on the run and they a mysterious mission they are on as well.

Because this is a warring society battling takes up much of their time. They are already up against a force out for the bounty on them and they are vastly outnumbered as well. We do see they are hardened warriors whose skills who can more than hold their own.

I liked the narration and characterization that we got throughout the first ten pages. This was actually a lot better than I would have predicted. One of the perks of being a reviewer is finding books such as this that wasn’t on your radar but turns out to be one of the more interesting things to read. Granted it’s going to be a tad on the violent side but the art is simply fantastic and the story so far begs to be read to completion.

I may not have known who the creators of this were before but I can guarantee you I won’t overlook them again.

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