Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Epic Kill #3

Finding a deserted house whose occupant is either just moving in or moving out regardless she can find food, water, can wash her clothes and shower here. Not to mention take a nap, one much longer than she anticipated taking. While napping a goon squad surrounds the house.

Upon waking she remembers a sliver of her past, an Uncle who helped train her though we don’t see him yet. Then all hell breaks loose. This part was absolutely incredible Raffaele does a number on the reader here and takes us on two journeys neither of which we were truly

expecting. Why because one leads into another and one you were thinking would happen but in reality doesn’t. We do get to see the face of the man she’s hunting though and that is a good thing.

For the first time since being on the run she’s actually shot and taken captive, which for us is good because while she is unconscious we see another flashback into her past.

Then we actually meet Senator Rook, Presidential hopeful who lost the race by just a hair. He’s so bitter he’s crying foul and is launching an investigation into the ballots etc, etc. The man isn’t very stable from what I can see and he keeps going on about the Presidency being his destiny. From where I am sitting he is probably one of the last men on the planet we want as President and it looks like we don’t have anything to worry about.

She wakes up on the Helicopter and manages to free herself, get to a highway and steal a coke cola, eighteen wheeler, truck which she uses to continue her escape and meet up with Rook.

This is a roller coaster ride. Her past is unfolding a little bit at a time, just enough to keep interest but not enough to satisfy you. It’s enough however to keep you coming back for more. Well that and she’s been trained to be a major assassin and we still don’t know the reason behind why. So we’re getting some kind of action/thriller while a who dunnit is going on and we aren’t sure exactly what it was that was done. Though thanks to the flashback we know this is revenge.

This is probably one of the most unique I’ve had the pleasure to read lately. I can’t pigeon hole it into a specific genre because it doesn’t really have one. It isn’t really a detective story since she’s on the run, yes action/thriller because of her mad skills but then how did she get them, who trained her and how long did she train which kind of puts mystery into the mix. It doesn’t hurt that the man who created this is doing everything, writing and art so everything on the page is exactly as he wants us to see it. This really is one of the gems of the month.

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