Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Smoke and Mirrors #4

Sleight-of-hand performer Terry Ward has taken on a young protégé name Ethan. But in this world which runs on magic, Ethan had stumbled into a strange experiment by the Trade Circle—an experiment involving cats. Now the head of Trade Circle has taken an interesting in Ethan and Terry’s illusions… and he’s just arrived at Terry’s house, Ethan and Ethan’s mother in tow.

This continues to show Costa’s range as a writer. Granted he has excellent technical help in Armstrong but he’s managed to introduce a mystery with some very interesting characters who continue to grow and evolve with each issue. More than one mystery actually as I’d still like to know how exactly Terry ended up on this world as well as the cat experiments which bonded the one cat to Ethan.

I find myself looking forward to learning the answers to these mysteries and seeing what Terry is going to teach Ethan next. This is a fun series and a very nice departure from the usual cloak and dagger stuff that I know Costa for. Which probably makes it that much more interesting for me, though I think readers will appreciate the plot, the pacing, the characterization and this unique world he’s created, even if they haven’t experienced his previous works.

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