Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Angel and Faith, Darth Maul, Bobba Fett

Angel and Faith #12
This series has gotten a bit more...cosmic this issue as angel and co go out of their comfort zone to tackle something new. The art is okay. Nothing to write home about, but not too bad either. It's the story that I found a little lacking this time. While the revelations concerning Angel's son are interesting, it still failed to grab my interest enough to make me care.

The casual way that the gang seems to have coasted along with this caper left a rather dull taste in my mouth. It seems that they never really were in any real danger. Also, what was lacking here was character's virtually non existent in this issue. I really wanted to love this issue. Not saying that I hated it. I liked it but not loved it. Unfortunately, I would have to give this issue a miss. The ending though is the exception. I'm very intrigued and excited to see how that will play out next issue.  

Bobba Fett is Dead #4
While I appreciate the action and the great art that has come to be the unsung hero of his comic, I wish there would have been more time for character development regarding Bobba and his ex wife. That, if nothing else, is actually what's lacking in this book. But not to say that it's bad, it actually had a lot of cool moments. Bobba Fett gives a 101 lesson on bad assery. A comeback moment in true Mandalorian fashion. The script is tight, the plot, as I mentioned in past reviews, is rather simplistic, But still, it's a good comic to read if you just want something to pass away the time with. It would only work though if you were a star wars/ Bobba fan to begin with. Hopefully, we'd get to see more stories involving Bobba in the future.

Darth Maul: Death Sentence #1
This series started on a strong note. From the opening scene to the end, it hurtles full throttle with all the accompanying excitement. I would looooove to get my hands on that next issue! I want to see the continuation of this issue right away! Writer has nice pacing, does the adequate setup necessary to move the story forward and is accompanied by great art! This is an exciting development in the life of Darth Maul and I for one, would love to see him either do a rematch with obiwan kenobi and it take on some of the other Jedi masters. The Star Wars franchise has been on a roll so far this year, and although it just started, I'm willing to bet that this series would be on top of that list near years end. Very strong start, so if your a star wars fanatic, this is a definite pick up. You won't regret it.

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