Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: The Crow: Death and Rebirth #1

I’ve never seen any of the Crow movies or read any of the previous books so this is all new to me. If all of them are similar to what I’ve read here than I may have to go back, find them and check em out. It’s a shame that IDW only gives out a ten page preview then again it’s pretty smart since now I want to read the entire story.

From what I can gather a bigwig at Bio Trope is somehow able to steal bodies or souls of women so she can stay eternally young or she’s sacrificing her to a demon either way something wicked this way comes. She and her story have piqued my curiosity.

This story takes place in Tokyo. Haruko is the chosen target and she has a fiancé, gaijin, Jamie from the United States. Theirs is a love story with a tragedy inside or at least a horror show’s thrown in. Somehow he is going to find out what is happening and hopefully rescue her. He is training with her father and can be her hero, and he’s already a conspiracy nut and looking over his shoulder so who knows.

So far I think there has been great characterization here. The story has already gripped me as a reader and makes me want to see more. As I’ve said it has this love story slash horror slash thriller aspect to it that is very well done. All around this is going to be a very fun ride.

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