Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday Reviews - Pilot Season: Theory of Everything

I love the idea of Pilot Season – put out the first issue of a bunch of new series and let the readers decide which one stays. Theory of Everything by Dan Casey and Thomas Nachlik is a good entry, especially if you like intelligent science fiction.

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Theory of Everything follows Charles Witten, a genius scientist whose life falls apart after the death of his wife. Witten designed a device that could theoretically move an object form one dimension to another. His designs are stolen and used for the largest gold heist in history.

While there was nothing that was outstanding about the book, it’s a solid science fiction story, perhaps in the vein of Isaac Assimov or Phillip K Dick. In fact it’s hardly original – Dan Casey seems to riff of Nick Spencer’s infinite horizon, and the real life quantum physics theory called string theory, that involves interconnected multiple dimensions, has been used in a bunch of books and comics. Having said that, this issue works. It’s a solid little read. Borrow it.

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