Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week of 2nd November - Oz and Tim's Picks

Oz continues to pick up all the major X-Men titles:
Animal Man #3
JLI #3
Stormwatch #3
Swamp Thing #3
new mutants #33
uncanny x-men #1
x-men #20
and MAYBE Shame Itself #1

Tim failed to stick to his 15 a week policy again, but only by an extra 2:
Action comics 3 – Because even though it didn’t meet expectations, it’s an interesting book.
Amazing Spider-Man 673 – Because it’s Spider Island aftermath time.
Animal Man 3 – Because it’s not just DC’s best book, it’s one of the best ongoings in comics.
The Goon 36 – Because it’s also one of the best ongoings in comics. Funny, pretty, awesome.
Hack Slash 9 – Because I’m hoping the book will pick up a bit and revert to the quality of the DDP days.
Heart 1 – Because Blair Butler mixes MMA and comics.
Infinite vacation 3 – Because issue 2 was 6 months ago and I really wanna know what happens.
Invincible 84 – Because its great superhero comics.
Mystic 4 – Because Wilson and Lopez create great fantasy, and this is the last issue.
New Mutants 33 – Because it’s Regenesis, which feels like Decimation, which was better than the event itself.
The Rinse 3 – Because its great crime comics.
Stormwatch 3 – Because I’m kinda digging the characters.
The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode 2 – Because this book is AWESOME! Think Kick-Ass but without Millar.
Swamp thing 3 – Because it seems to go hand in hand with Animal Man.
Sweet Tooth 27 – Because Jeff Lemire is my home squeeze.
Uncanny 1 – Because I have 3 issues left on my subscription. Gillen, you’ve got 3 issues to show me this book is worth reading.
X-23 16 – Because it’s X-23.

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