Sunday, November 13, 2011

Issue in 5: Phonogram The Singles Club #7

Welcome to Issue in 5, where we deconstruct a single issue, summarising it in 5 of the issues pages. this week, we’re looking at Phonogram: The Singles Club #7 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. This is an amazing single issue, with very little dialogue and some hilarious moments. Enjoy.

Page 1 - David Kohl teaches Kid-With-Knife a little phonomancy:
“...Everybody does that!”

Page 4 - KwK is taken by the magic of the music, full of an unnatural energy:
Page 6: KwK runs into a bunch of losers hassling a young woman and he comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress:
Page 14: After escaping the skinheads and getting a kebab, KwK catches up with Emily Aster and David Kohl at The Singles Club:
Page 18: While dancing, he lays eyes on Penny. The magic takes him...
... and they end up waking up next to each other.

This was such an amazing issue, showcasing Jamie McKelvie’s amazing ability to make every character unique in the way they look and move, as well as telling a great story using little dialogue.

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