Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews

This week, Oz boycotts punctuation as he reviews Batwoman 3, Frankenstein 3, Batman and Robin 3, Suicide Squad 3, Green Lantern 3, Resurrection Man 3 and Demon Knights 3.

Batwoman #3 - loving this book. the writing and the art just has it together so well. it entertains me each month while maintaining it's own style. batwoman dances to her own beat and that makes this book a winner.

frankenstein agent of shade #3 - the first two page spread with the fully assembled team reminded me of an old childhood cartoon called BUCKY O'HAIRE. a buncha colourful animal creatures with big guns fighting space deviants. anyway, this was a good issue but the art is a bit on the shitastic side. ponticelli does not compliment lemire's writing at all. i have to say if that doesn't improve, i might be looking at another drop real soon.

batman and robin #3 - the dysfunctional duo get their asses handed to them this issue. i don't think i've ever seen that happen to ole bats this bad or this
easy. pretty good issue but the drive-in cinema "Morgan" sets up on the last page has got foaming at the mouth with curiosity.

suicide squad #3 - this straw that broke the camel's back. suicide squad loses it's charm with this issue. the book is pretty aimless and the character's are all hollow cardboard copies of the originals. dropped.

green lantern #3 - sinestro and jordan team up to save korrugar. bad things happen. good art, very light story. hopefully we see more Sinestro Corps next issue.

resurrection man #3 - i'm really liking the metaphysical side to this comic. mitch's soul is like the hottest new christmas toy this season that every child wants.'s not children that want it but the two sides of the afterlife. definitely picks up from issue 2.

demon knights #3 - the calm before the storm. not much really happens in this issue as we get a little bit of panel time for each character. and not being familiar with madame xanadu, i can't help but not trust her motives one bit.

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