Friday, November 25, 2011

On the Cover - Jonathan Luna

This week in On the Cover we look at the amazingly talented Jonathan Luna. The Luna Brothers are first and foremost storytellers, and Jonathan's interior art reflects that. He is not flashy, just a good, solid story teller - an amazing sequential image artist. Jonathan Luna’s covers reflect that talent for storytelling, and he embodies the old adage ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Hit Read More... for some examples!

Jonathan Luna’s covers for the Luna Bros. first series, Ultra’, parody famous magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and Cosmo. The final issue is a great homage to silver age comics.

Ultra #01(2004) (01)
Ultra 4 00ultra 5 00
Ultra 6 00Ultra 8 00

I love how the covers of Girls, their second series, very rarely show the faces of the girls. It really adds to their sinister nature. Not the tease on the cover of issue 9, with the girls’ hands reaching for Ethan, and then the cover for the final issue, 24, shows the girls actually capturing him. Issue 15 is very ‘Eve’, while the cover for issue 19 is so sinister and violent.

Girls 9Girls 12Girls 15Girls 19Girls 24

The sword is a dynamic action story, and the covers reflect that perfectly. Not the main character jumping into the title on the cover of issue four, with the middle of the page being blank sky. The sinister shadow on the cover of issue 17 serves to add pop to the main character, while the cover of issue 20 is a powerful hero pose. Luna once again employs the hidden face technique, but is able to show power and determination without the use of facial expressions.

The Sword 02 (2007) (MinuteMen-DarthScanner) 001The Sword 04 (2008) (MinuteMen-DarthScanner) 001Sword8p01SWORD17p01sword_20_01

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