Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week of 16/11 - Oz and Tim's Picks

Oz has a big week, introducing a few more x-titles:
Green Lantern Corps 3
Justice League 3
Red Hood and the Outlaws 3
Legion of Super Heroes 3
Wonder Woman 3
Generation Hope 13
New Mutants 34
X-Factor 227
X-Men 21

Tim’s picks are surprisingly Marvel heavy:
Amazing Spider-Man 674 – Because fallout stories are always better.
Chew 19 – Because it’s a perfect blend of quirky humor and intense violence.
Gen Hope 13 – Because it’s a Regenesis title.
Key of Z 2 – Because the first issue was truly amazing.
Morning Glories 14 – Because we might have a genuine escape from the academy.
New Mutants 34 – Because Blink is on the cover.
Northlanders 46 – Because I’m a Brian Wood fanboy
Punisher 5 – Because Ruka is focusing on those affected by the Punisher.
Walking Dead 91 – Because it’s TWD.
Wonder Woman 3 – Because I smell violence…
X-23 17 – Because it’s a great book that doesn’t deserve to be cancelled.
X-Factor 227 – Because the solicit says a member will die.

Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island – Because Warren Ellis writes steampunk pirates and Raulo Caceres’ art is breathtaking.

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