Friday, November 18, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews

This week, Oz reviews X-Factor #227, Red Hood & The Outlaws #3, New Mutants #34, Justice League #3, Green Lantern Corps #3, X-Men #21, Legion of Super-Heroes #3, Generation Hope #13 & Wonder Woman #3.

X-Factor #227  - Another great issue as usual but umm...where was the death?  That was more of a prophecy wasn't it?  There was no clear death like David kept plugging in all his interviews and I'm a little disappointed.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #3 - The entire issue had a very "Temple of Doom"/"Golden Child" feel to it.  Kenneth Rocafort's pencils are slowly growing on me.  His style reminds me a lot of street graffiti come-to-life.  The last page was also very heartwarming.

New Mutants #34 - Good issue.  DnA are finally hitting all the right beats on this book.  My only complaint is it went by a little too fast.  Still, I'm happy to see the return of one my favorite mutants, Blink. 

Justice League #3  -  This JL run keeps making me smile.  Johns writes a hilarious Wonder Woman.  Lee's art however is starting to look brittle.  Still, lots of great one liners all around.  Final page spoiler:  Enter Aquaman!

Green Lantern Corps #3 - "They're starting to penetrate the green!"  Full out action issue and there's nothing better then watching big groups of Lanterns overpowering their enemies.  However I was disappointed to see a fill in artist on the title already.  It made the art quality decline drastically.

X-Men #21 - I've been officially won over with this issue.  It was the scene with Jubilee, Psylocke, and Warpath discovering an armada of Sentinels that did it.  Also, the penciler Will Conrad has quickly become a favorite.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3  -  I LOVE stories with Dominators.  LOSH has been the best sci-fi book of the DCnU so far.  Each Legionaire's abilities may be simple, but it's that simplicity that allows Levitz to accomplish awesomeness with the power of team work.  Another win.

Generation Hope #13 - This is my first purchase of the title and I'll be honest, I was dreading it.  How quickly things change!  The new artist
and writer kicked MAJOR ass, having way more talent then their predecessors.  The best part of all was the involvement of so many New X-Men characters.  Finally, the sparkling new romance with Zero and No-Girl is beyond hilarious!

Wonder Woman #3  -  The first arc wraps up pretty nice as Diana learns of her true origin.  The amazons cremate their dead and new beginnings are set for all.  This series couldn't be more awesome, even in a r&r issue such as this.

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