Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue in 5 - X-Men Legacy 259

Want to know what happens in X-Men Legacy #259 but don't want to read the whole thing? Well here it is, summarised in just 5 of the comic's pages! The Starjammers are finally back on earth, but they arrive to find the x-men spilt. Rogue is having a hard time figuring out which side she wants to be on...

1. Page 8 - Rogue can't decide to stay or go, so she asks dirty old man Magneto. she discovers a frament of something inside him. That isn't dirty thoughts about someone a third his age.

2. Page 11 - Nemesis discovers that Korvus' sword is the source of the weird mutant blip, but a fragment is inside each of the team returned from space.

3. Page 14 - Emma uses blindfold to communicate with whatever's in the sword. Because that won't be weird at all...

4. Page 19 - Rogue is able to 'unlock' the sword and a big ol' door appears. Rogue goes through to discover...

5. page 21 - ...Ariel. Yeah, I had to google her, as well.

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