Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back of the Bin Reviews

This stack of $1 back issue reviews is a “mixed nuts” of solo titles... The rating system is so easy even Caliban can understand it. If I love it, I’ll recommend you Dig for it. If I hate it, then your best bet is to Bury it, or if the book shows at least some promise, Sift for issues that may be good based on their guest appearances & cover art...

This stack: 
Little Gloomy #1 (1999)
Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda #1
DC/Marvel All Access #2 (starring Jubilee & Robin)
The Savage Dragon #1 (1993)
Ms. Marvel #10 (2007)
Resurrection Man #11 (1998)
The Huntress #9 (1989)
Ebony Warrior #1
Wonder Man #1 (1991)
The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #227 (1984)
Masters of the Universe #1 (1986)

Little Gloomy #1
This gem of a book is a black and white indie from SLG Publishing. It’s a cartoon-styled tale of a young mad scientist comically in love with a “Wednesday Addams” type girl, who wants nothing to do with him. With a surrounding cast of monster movie standards, the two hilariously go about their day. This is sort of the ‘Seinfeld’ of monster comics. Not a lot of plot but funny situations and killer dialogue keep you entertained. Dig deep to find this one...
Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda #1
What..? It’s a Beast & Spidey team up. Beast looks monkey-like and goes toe-to-toe with Hobgoblin. All this comic does is WIN... Dig...
DC/Marvel All Access #2
I had heard much nerd talk about the “romance” between Robin and Jubilee, but missed the actual story, myself. Here is a slight glance into their interaction. This issue they... face-off with Two-Face. A fun look at how Dc and Marvel heroes (or at least bat-characters and x-men) handle their villains. This issue is pure comic gold for and DC fan or Marvelite. Dig for this series...
The Savage Dragon #1
I’m sorry, but for the life of me, I don’t know why I never got into reading this book but I regret it. The look and art of this title still holds up and teases a pretty interesting main plot while holding your interest with plenty of cop/superhero action and a few laughs. Don’t Dig for this, just find the damn trade(s), lol...

Ms. Marvel #10
Nothing special about this book...except that it has Ms. Marvel, Rogue, and Warbird all pounding each other. And not sexually, but it’s still a good read. Dare I say, a defining issue for Ms. Marvel (even though the rest of her series seemed to go to shit). You get to see what she is, she could’ve been and how she can fuck people up. I would normally say dig but I know this title becomes a bit... convoluted. So sift for good issues like this one...
Resurrection Man #11
This title showed some potential but just didn’t give enough story to completely hook me. I bought this in hopes of finding a reason to read
his new title in the DCNU relaunch but, alas, came up short. I’m going to have to say Bury this title even though it was written (at the time) by DNA...
Huntress #9
Huntress, herself, is only in a quarter of this issue so I can’t tell you if I like her or not. The story mainly focused on a reporter who chooses to stay in a rough inner city neighbourhood, drugs, and a creepy short villain with mommy issues. OK, that part was interesting, but the rest? left me unsatisfied. Bury this deep within the bowels of the bin...
Ebony Warrior #1
An indie, published by Ania, with a very...odd, sometimes off-putting, mix of cartoon/amateur and classic superhero styles. But a lot of the uniqueness of the art is completely ruined by the stark and unattractive lettering and speech/thought bubbles. The origin story is pretty standard and the dialogue is OK but the only thing spectacular about this hero is his flat-top hairdo. Pass on this and bury it should you run across it...
Wonder Man #1
I never noticed the parallels between Booster Gold and Wonder Man until writing this review. This is Wondy being Wondy: a hero, a celebrity, and a bit of a screw up. It’s Wonder Man vs Goliath and a short bout of Goliath vs a random cross dresser. How could I NOT tell you to Dig for this issue and beyond..?

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #27
This had a kick-ass cover and a mish mash of story and flashbacks. I can’t give you an honest review because I zoned out most of the way through this. I will say “Props” to Rafael Kayanan for carrying this issue with his art. There are some really great panels throughout the book.To err on the side of caution, I’ll say Sift for this title. It at least wasn’t horrible and if you’re an art-head you may be pleased with some of the work done in this book...
Masters of the Universe #1
I bought the DVD box set of the first season of He-Man and after the first few eps it pretty much became background noise while I did other things. I truly expected to just skim through this issue but an introduction of He-Man’s second big baddie (and foe of Skeletor), Hordak, was enough to keep my attention. The simple, clear and colorful art was refreshing. The usual corny, kiddie lines of dialogue makes this book a sifter but even a casual fan of the show should own at least one issue...

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