Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue in 5 - Daredevil 6

Want to know what happens in Daredevil #6 but don't want to read the whole thing? Well here it is, summarised in just 5 of the comic's pages! Matt Murdock has been working on a case where a blind employee is fired from a big corporation for overhearing something he shouldn't have. The corporation is Evil. Daredevil is on the job...

1. Page 5 - Bruiser is not very nice. He thought he killed Matt last issue, but the rumours of his death were greatly exaggerated....

2. page 7-8 - Daredevil lays the smack down, in order to save Austin, his client.

3. Page 10 - Daredevil gets beat up, but off course, wins. If he can do this, imagine what he can do to his lady friends!

4. Page 13 - Turns out the whole thing was for a hard drive of information in the form of a fantastic four insignia.

5. Page 16 - Not only does daredevil have super knee breaking powers, he also has the power of lawyer speak. Kinda like parsel tongue.

He walks out unharmed. That's a pretty hand power to have!

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