Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Palmiotti Creates Crustacean Nightmare

Jonah Hex co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti goes solo for his new creator owned graphic novel Queen Crab! Queen Crab is “a distinctly off-kilter story of one woman's life as it transforms from hopeless monotony... to crustacean nightmare! “

Artiz Eiguren provides art, and Palmiotti says "For me, getting someone with the right skills for the job was mission number one and when I was introduced to Artiz’s work. I felt it was the perfect style to capture the emotional beats, the storytelling I was looking for, and a style of drawing that we don’t see very often in American comics."

We love Jimmy Palmiotti here at CBNAH, and look forward to Februrary 1st when we can get our hands on this 64-page hardcover from Image Comics.

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