Thursday, November 17, 2011

Issue in 5: X-Factor 227

This week on issue in five we look at X-Factor 227. Peter David had been advertising a major death in this issue, and while we got one (more than one, actually) it was kind of weird. Weird, but awesome! check it out with the read more button!

Bloodbath has a kid holed up in an old movie studio. X-Factor break in and are attacked by bloodbath. Rhane and one of Jamie’s dupes go to rescue the boy. That sums up the first 15 pages. here’s the rest.

1. Page 16 - the boy shoots the dupe.
2. Page 19 - Bloodbath puts on a ‘soul lock’ but Guido has no soul.


3. Page 20 - Guido kills Bloodbath.


4. page 21 - Bloodbath possesses the dead dupe and kills Jamie.


5. Page 22 - What the....?


This was one of the best issues of X-Factor in a while, and I’m really excited to see where Peter David takes it.

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