Friday, November 25, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews

This week, Oz reviews Flash #3, Annihilators: Earthfall #3, Green Lantern New Guardians #3, Wolverine & the X-Men #2 and Justice League: Dark #3.

Flash #3 - Animal Man can move over this month because Flash has just slaughtered it.  I've been praising this book in every review so far and it's really easy to see why.  Dynamic visuals and tightly knit writing are making this book both fun and interesting.  I won't say too much more but Manapul and Buccellato Flash make Geoff Johns obsolete to me.

Annihilators Earthfall #3 - YES!  That's what I call a damn marvel cosmic book!  I forgot how a good marvel cosmic title races by so fast  while it simultaneously feeds your brain condensed battles, science, and the unbelievable all in one.  I missed that brain tingle it gave too.  My favorite issue without a doubt as  the real threat is finally revealed.

Green Lantern New Guardians #3  -  A pretty stale issue where the Guardians treat Raynor like a punching bag.  Larfleeze's involvement
however kept things fresh and saved the book from being a complete bore.

Wolverine & The X-Men #2 - A good issue but I don't really like this new Hellfire Club Jr.  The thing about this book that keeps me coming back is the team dynamics.  Seeing Iceman and Wolverine and Kitty Pryde and Beast and Rachel Summers in an all out fight just tingles a sense of nostalgia in me.  Bachalo's art isn't always amazing, but it still reminds me of better times.

Justice League Dark #3 - This is a break issue in denial.  Most of the book is just the characters meeting up and talking so it's a bit difficult to review.  Either way, as everybody shudders in fear at what The Enchantress could be plotting next, Mindwarp enters the game.

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