Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oz & Tim's Weekly Picks

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There's no new 52 books this week, so Oz’s pull list is… a tad on the small side. Tim still manages to rustle up a bunch of great books and trades, though.


Uncanny X-Men 2
X-Men Legacy 259

Thunder Agents re-collected Vol. 1

2000ad 1758 – Because Angel Zero, Lowlife and Ampney Crucious have been great.

Angel and Faith 4 – Because it’s Whedonverse bad-assery.
Daredevil 6 – Because Waid is is breathing new life into Daredevil.
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz 3 – Because Skottie Young draws it.
Fables 111 – Because a new north wind will be chosen this issue.
Game of Thrones 3 – Because it’s awesome political fantasy.
Green Wake 7 – Because this is really weird in a chills-down-the-spine kinda way.
Red Skull 5 – Because this series has been surprisingly good, plus David Aja covers.
Savage Dragon 176 – Because I decided to pick the title up again.
Spaceman 2 – Because issue 1 was just intriguing enough to warrant checking out issue 2.
Star Trek 3 – Because it’s ‘Galileo 7’in the new Trek verse.
X-Men Legacy 259 – Because the space crew are back on earth.

BPRD: Being Human – Because it’s BPRD.
Jonah Hex: Bury me in Hell – Because it’s Jonah Hex.
RASL Vol. 3 – Because Jeff Smith writes a really cool science fiction story.

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