Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week of 9/11 - Oz and Tim's Picks

Oz’s pull list continues to be dominated by DC:
Batman and Robin 3
Batwoman 3
Demon Knights 3
Frankenstein Agent of Shade 3
Green Lantern 3
Resurrection Man 3
Suicide Squad 3

Tim has a light week this week:
Baltimore: Curse Bells 4 – Because it’s Mike Mignola.
Batwoman 3 – Because its JH Williams III.
Buffy Season 9 3 – Because the first 2 issues felt more like the show than season 8 ever did.
Demon Knights 3 – Because it’s an action packed page turner.
Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games 3 – Because I’ve got a hard on for dinosaurs.
Pigs 3 – Because the series has been good, but I sense some awesomeness coming in the next few issues.
Punisher MAX 19 – Because it is consistently one of the best books from Marvel.
Rachel Rising 3 – Because I predict this to be the pick of the week. It’s Terry freakin’ Moore, after all.
Unwritten 31 – Because Tom Taylor goes to war with the Cabal. Could an ending be in sight?
X-Men Legacy 258 – Because we may just see the space X-Men return to earth.

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 2 – I’m pretty sure I’m the only Shakespeare nut who actually enjoyed this series, but I did. I think the Bard would have dug it himself.

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