Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Walking Dead 92

The past year on the Walking Dead has been, with the exception of half of Carl’s face being blown off, pretty stagnant. It’s all been about getting the community zombie-proof, and dealing with issues inside the fence. Issue 92 of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s long running Image book heralds a change that will shake things up in a big way.
Issue 91 left us with a final page implying someone is spying on the community. This issue we find out who it is, and they reveal something I thought would happen eventually, but was still pretty mind blowing. The community are becoming more and more desperate for food and supplies, and Carl is starting to remember things from before he was shot. Things Rick would much rather have stay forgotten.

Abraham and Michonne go out to clear some walkers when they run into the mysterious stranger.
The action sequences are great, and there’s plenty of them in this issue. Adlard has been drawing Kirkman’s scripts for so long it’s almost as if his pencils are an extension of Kirkman’s imagination. From the simple action of a sword slicing open a zombie to the way each figure graces the panel the art perfectly serves the story. The Walking Dead 92 has a perfect blend of action and character moments, with a reveal that will make things interesting for a long time to come.

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