Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Issue in 5 (plus 1): X-23 #18

Want to know what happens in X-23 #18 but don't want to read the whole thing? Well here it is, summarised in just 5 (plus 1) of the comic's pages! Laura was baby-sitting for Reed and Sue Richards when Franklin and Valeria got up to some inter-dimensional mischief and a giant dragon appeared and carried them off...

1. Page 5 - Laura tries to talk the dragon into letting them down...

2. Page 9 - ...But Hellion, just trying to help, get's in the way.

3. Page 12 - The dragon disappears, and Laura, Hellion, Franklin and Valeria are somehow transported to...

4. page 14 - ...A weird junkyard dimension.

5. Page 19 - Laura lays the smack down on some robot that turns out to be some dude. Franklin and Valeria are trapped in some bubble...

5 (+1). Page 22 - And transported into space. To be continued.

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