Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: 27 Second Set #4

The premise for this series of limited series is exciting, fresh and innovative.  It revolves around the legend of the 27 club. About famous Rock stars/ Musicians who all curiously met their ends around the age of 27. You're talking about guys like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and the recently deceased Amy Winehouse.
Our hero, Rock Star, William Garland just turned 27 and now is involved in a struggle to get to age 28.  27 Second set, a direct sequel to the first series, depicts Garlands struggles against a washed out, 80's era, one hit wonder, Valerie Hayes.  They Duel in front of the whole world, as made possible by the God of fame.

  And the prize is the magical button imbedded in Garland's chest that, when pushed, grants the wearer unlimited creativity.

I would rate this issue as "good."  Coming in as a new reader, the plot was appealing to me, the throwback covers and the themes that are well versed in the world of music.  The interior art though is an acquired taste because it is highly stylized....and I think that was done on purpose.  At first I was admittedly turned off by it but as I moved forward, I was actually impressed.  The use of colors are so vivid that it almost seems to come alive in certain instances, particularly the splash pages.  This becomes highly evident when the two musicians squared off.  Music based comics are few and far between.  In fact, it is almost unheard of.  If you want a refreshing change of pace from the frenetic world of super heroes or horror monsters, then this is something that you should check out.  It is not directly preachy, in fact, I like how the main protagonist is somehow a bit of a selfish douchebag (as evidenced in the surprising twist in the climax of the story) but there definitely is a lesson to be learned in this story....about the price people are willing to pay for fame, wether intentional or not. The ending of this story drives home that point all to well.  It kinda ended on an open ended note so I believe writer Charles Soule has more in store in an upcoming sequel.  Rating 6/10.

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