Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp joins the Parks & Rec department, Warren Ellis gives an update on Fell, Jeff Smith champions graphic novels, Jeff Lemire previews a cover, Charles Soule talks up BKV, Michael Alan Nelson burns stuff, Rafael Grampa also previews a cover, Becky Cloonan draws a creepy dude, Dave Johnson lives in the 70's, Peter Nguyen draws the Justice League, Sana Takeda also previews a cover and Michael Oeming gets the Led out.

Dan Hipp has a whole heap of new images, including this Ron Swanson mask:

Warren Ellis provides this little update on Fell:
I am told that the first eight issues of FELL are on sale at Comixology right now, 99 US cents a pop.
Ben still has the script for issue 10, and I’ll go ahead and finish issue 11 when he gets more than halfway through 10’s script.  And we’ll move on like that until we have enough of the intended final seven issues to go to market with.

Jeff Smith took part in an interesting discussion on graphic novels and there place in the classroom. Here's the video:

Jeff Lemire unveils the cover for Sweet Tooth 29 by Travel Foreman:

Charles Soule write about his love for Brian Vaughan:
This post was spurred, in part, by this article, about the upcoming debut of Brian K. Vaughan’s new title Saga, with Image Comics.  I read the article, and I looked at the preview pages, and I was struck by a feeling I hadn’t felt in a while – I’m genuinely excited in an unabashed fanboy way for the debut of that book.  BKV (as he’s known around the comics biz) is one of my all-time favorite writers in comics, up there with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis.  The other thing he shares with those folks is that I haven’t met him in person (although we’ve emailed a few times.)  More on why that matters in a moment.
I thought for a minute about how thrilled I am that soon I’ll be able to read new comics work from an ultra-talented writer whose stuff I’ve loved in the past, and was surprised that I hadn’t felt exactly that way in a bit.  Now, that absolutely does NOT mean that I haven’t been excited about new work from other creators.  I read tons of comics, and I absolutely get jazzed when I see a new issue from Jim Zubkavich or Josh Fialkov or B. Clay Moore or Nathan Edmondson or Cullen Bunn or any of the many other writers whose work I love.  The difference is that I know those guys personally, in either a big or a small way.  And while I can’t totally pin down why it’s different when we’re all sort of putting out work together as opposed to me just being a guy at home finding new books and digging them, it absolutely is.  I suppose it’s the difference between on a sports team and rooting for it to win and rooting for the Detroit Lions.  You can do both, but the reasoning behind each is different, as is the way each one feels.

Michael Alan Nelson offered a limited, slabbed variant of Valen the outcast to retailers for buying 200 issue 1's. He burned the rest. here's the video:

Rafael Grampa posted his cover for Voodoo Child #1:

Becky Cloonan threw up a few pics, including this one:

Dave Johnson added this Jimi Hendrix artwork to his DeviantArt:

Peter Nguyen drew the Justice League:

Sana Takeda adds to this week's cover reveals, with her cover for Fathom: Kiani #0:

Michael Oeming provides my favourite piece this week - Jimmy Page!

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