Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: The Vault

Sam Sarkar delivers the Saturday night SCYFY flick in a comic format. It's a decent medium for the story but which I won't bother to see if it hits the tele. It is literally a story played out so many times on book and film, that it's hard to keep an honest upright interest. It's predictable a lot, and measurably boring.
The build-up to the antagonist reveal is pretty wayward and left out too much in early reading. It takes too long too climax or reach near it, because it's a miserly 3 issue series.

I expected better from Image but what further compounds my objections is Garrie Gastonny's lackluster art. It's all right at times, but then plain downright...bland at most others.
We could have done with more back story into the protagonists and the creature at hand but little insight is offered except into a 'run from slashing and burning' type feel.
An expedition finds a vault with a skeletal structure of a creature that goes on a rampage wreaking murderous havoc. Been there and seen that.
The biblical and scientific tones don't match and the hype I had to this book quickly died off. Maybe, if it were strung along more than 3 issues, with more backdrop and character development, then I'd be sold but as of now, it's much too average and a tad bit mediocre.
Also, there's too many rip-offs from 'The Thing' to not irk me. Trust issues? C'mon...get real.

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