Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Last of the Greats #1-2

After being disappointed with the Vault, I needed something delectable. Joshua Fialkov, after shining on Echoes, reciprocates the attention and intensity many fans have placed on him, especially since his role on I, Vampire in the new DC 52, with Brent Peeples' simple yet effective pencils, on the LAST OF THE GREATS.
This book offers touchy concepts of messiahs and humanity with political overtones, terrorist touches and warfare vibe while embedding itself in an aura where no one knows the line between protagonist and antagonist.

The duplicity is present at all corners and turns with some shocking moments scattered about. It's a dyastopian tale where humanity after rejecting several saviours, turn to a final entity, a god-like 'hero' to save them, but despite his hatred for humans, he opts to save the world...but at a costly price.
Fialkov shows just why we deserve comeuppance yet still delivers messages of empathy and sympathy for a human creed that's languishing in squalor. There's a lot of topsy turvy panels that never paint directly what's going on in Fialkov's mind. I read 2 issues and he does well to keep the plot a mystery. It's subterfuge at all turns with no fear to shatter lives. It's all about an ends to a mean, with terror invoked at all ends by all parties. It seems there's no clear cut right or wrong...just the human basic instinct to survive in nature...

That ideal is also attached to the star of the book...and he ain't go figure where this ride is going. Beats me...but I'm in. Fialkov sold this title well. 

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