Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Heart #2

There are some things that are made for each other. Bacon and eggs. Beer and barbecues. Explosions and Michael Bay. We can also add comics and mixed martial arts to the list. Blair Butler is the comics and MMA correspondent for G4’s Attack of the Show, and while writing for Television, Heart is her first comic. And it’s damn good.

Heart is about Oren Redmond, the little brother of a professional MMA fighter. Oren decides to try his hand at MMA himself, and works his butt off to get a fight. In this issue, Oren carves through the amateur circuit, and convinces his coach to turn him pro.

Butler clearly knows her stuff, as the characters are interesting, the action sequences well though out and the story, while a little predicable, is fun and engaging. It is of course, the action that drives the book, and artist Kevin Mellon nails it. He clearly spent time studying the sport, and has a deep understanding of how the human body works. He is able to make the fight sequences realistic, but still dramatic.
If you’re a fan of combat sports, or a good sports related story, you can’t do much better than Heart.

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