Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reviews: Uncanny X-Force #18, Avengers X-Sanction #1

Uncanny X-Force 18

I've been a massive fan of Jerome Opena. I've been even more a fan of Rick Remender. Together they have always delivered. If Brooks or Ribic replaces Opena, it's pretty much still a solid read to me but the Opena/Remender duo make the most impact and this issue is chock full of amazing panels of gut, gore, determined action and plain old throw-downs. Remender uses some old threads and seeds to weave an intricate finale to conclude the DARK ANGEL SAGA, although I am not too impressed with his ending.

It is a bit misleading and to me underplays the great potential he had here...then again, Marvel's revolving door of death recently is really nothing more than a facade for marketing.

Overall though, the art of Opena is silky and rife with kickass attitude, and while Remender slightly loses grip and handle on characters here such as Psylocke and Fantomex, he illuminates as usual with Angel. Wolverine and Wade don't factor in much and rightfully so, as he crafts a team book hinged around the pertinent characters, although I felt a tad bit more development was needed in this final issue. Something was underused or utilized in a wrong manner, I can't finger it...but the finale seems slightly off. Nonetheless, it's a good read and as anticlimactic as it was to me, the final page, while not a pleaser, is one for many future arcs to come.

x-sanction 1
Avengers X-Sanction #1
Loeb and McGuiness are not my cup of tea but they seem to have nailed the one-tracked and one-minded Cable seen since Messiah CompleX. It's fraught with flashbacks and timeline divergents, and of course...hints of Cable's mission. It seems a bit sellout to the 2012 AvX but I'm sure we're being misled here by Marvel. Misdirection is their folly and foreplay it seems, as seen with the nonchalant and slightly haphazard manner in which Cable is brought back.

It defies what I felt was right in Messiah War's ending but then again, seeing Black Bolt and Johnny Storm have me pondering the return of Nightcrawler (non-AoA)! Overall, it's a bit like SAW as Cable goes after the Avengers for what he perceives as crimes to be executed against Hope but the ease with which he incapacitates the members and the wayward lack of fight from the Avengers seem to make them lame and a bit dumbed-down. Why Steve tails Falcon alone..I can't fathom. It isn't the smartest written book but it works a bit here for fun. Nothing too promising except that it's a prelude to 2012 AvX. Why not read it? If bored, it gives a jolly ole' gander...into what seems to be yet the cliched one-man Cable mission!

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