Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Jingle Belle One-Shot

I kept an open mind when approached to review this comic.  I never really was a fan of humor comics to begin with, apart from Archie. I stay mostly away from books that are usually geared for children.  In this case, I was happy to make an exception.

I was surprised when I saw the name of Paul Dini.  I thought for sure that he was a DC exclusive having spent so much time with that company.  But I am familiar with his legend.  So upon seeing his involvement, I became even more excited to read this.  And it doesn't disappoint.

All of the characters involved, Santa Clause, his daughter, the titular star, Jingle Belle and his brother and opposite equivalent, Krampus, were given ample amounts of screen time and were given a chance to shine.  We all get to see Christmas in their point of views and through it all, it was an amazing and enjoyable ride.  This is smart comics for children definitely.  And I even think that it would translate to a potential cartoon very well.  Owing to Dini's background, I would not be surprised if this series is in development even as we speak.  I am of the opinion that this would make for a nice ongoing, yes, even beyond the Christmas month, if they keep this level of quality going. 

The art, Oh the art!  I think I fell in love with artists Stephanie Gladden's work.  I was impressed with the detail and care that was evident all throughout the comic.  Because of this, she definitely comes within my radar thats for sure. 

Spot on art, real funny, laugh out loud gags and a stellar presentation, this would make a perfect Holiday gift for the little Tyke in your life that you want to introduce to comics!  Rating 9/10

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