Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Issue in 5: Swamp Thing #4

Want to know what happens in Swamp Thing #4 but don't want to read the whole thing? Well here it is, summarised in just 5 of the comic's pages! Alec Holland and Abigail Arcane are on the hunt for William, Abigail's little brother, who Walked out of a hospital after killing pretty much everyone. He also happens to be an agent of 'The Rot'...

1. Page 4 - When the kid wants vanilla, he really means it. William can accelerate necrosis - anything that is dying, he can manipulate.

2. Page 7 - Alec and Abbey get there a little too late. Alec decides to have a nap on the grass...

3. page 15 - ...and falls int an 8 page, beautifully laid out dream, that basically tells him to kill Abbey.]

4. Page 19 - Alec and Abbey continue their chase...

5. Page 20 - ...But William is waiting for them.

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