Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: 7 Warriors #1-2

Issue #1
I was not familiar with this comic and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at finding the name of Francis Manapul attached to it.  I have long been a fan of his owing to his stint in Legion Of Superheroes.  His art alone is definitely worth the price of admission as he goes all out in every conceivable level. His artwork complements an already interesting, if not cliched premise.  The Kingdom of N'Nas Amon is under siege and The Queen is forced to hire mercenaries to protect her Kingdom as its most able bodied men have all but been killed by the invading Persians and Byzantines.

Among their number are the Sarmatians (could be a play on Samaritans) An Amazon like fellowship of Women,  who picks six of their best warriors (yes you read that right--six, if I say anymore, it would be telling), to guide Prince Aksamon, and grant him safe passage as he makes his way to the city of Jabbaren to ensure the continuity of their Kingdom.

I must say that I was Instantly hooked! From the beginning of the story, Michael Legalli grabs your attention and never lets it go.  The pacing is also to my liking as it goes straight to the point and gives you all the information that you need in order to progress with the story.  I did not find any boring moments with the way it was told.  There is a fair amount of nudity and titillation, so a warning there for people that are offended by this.  But in my opinion it was done with great care and great taste.  And the use of the word "sister"", I do not know if its literal or not, was rather shocking.  But then I realized the setting in which this story was placed and it all made perfect sense in the end.  There are at least 2 sub plots, one found in the beginning and one in the middle that I am definitely looking forward to as I am pretty sure that it would have severe ramifications in the end. 

All in all, a great-- no, make that an excellent read, and I wholeheartedly recommend this title.  MUST BUY! 8/10 stars.

Issue #2

Continuing where the action packed ending of issue 1 left off, Seven Warriors two never lets up on the action....and there are lots of them in this issue.  Again, Francis Manapul's art never ceases to amaze as the Prince and his...bodyguards, the six Sarmatian warriors, battle their way out of the city and towards safe haven.  I am indeed loving this book, but by this, the second issue, I have ran into some problems.  First is, I wish this series had gone on longer.  Three issues, in my opinion, is not sufficient to fully exploit the magnitude of this story.  It also leaves little room...very little room, for character development.  I wish I could've learned a bit more about the women that make up the group.  That being said though, Legalli more than makes up for this when it comes to the, what I think, are the three leads of this story. Im also curious about the fact that there seems to be no central villain in this story. And I wonder how that might affect the impact of next issues end.  

This issue, we follow the prince and his companions as they battle their way out of the city, gaining a not so surprising new ally and suffering heavy casualties. The momentum of the first issue is carried on over here very well and it makes me anticipate the issues ending all the more.  If you want to see how Manapul fares when he's given the opportunity to cut loose, then this is definitely worth picking up.  Im there for the last instalment. 7/10  stars.

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