Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Witchblade #150

I have not really been a fan of Ron Marz's writing.  His concepts are great, but to me, it somehow falls....flat most of the time.  At least thats how I felt when I read some of his Silver Surfer and Green Lantern stories back in the 90's.  And to rub salt in our relationship, I even mistook him for a volunteer when he attended our convention here in Calgary.  I was asking for directions and he said he didn't know.  To my horror, I realized too late whom I was talking too when I looked at his name tag.  ( a thousand apologies).  So keeping that in mind, I went into WitchBlade #150 expecting all that to change.  After all, its been a few years anyway since I last read any work of his.
The result was.....for me, average.  Im not too impressed, nor was I too disappointed either. 

This is the final issue of his impressive 70 issue run on the series.  I mean, who does that these days anyways besides Johns, Bendis and Bagley?  There was no BANG.  There was no slam bang action because this was more of a cross roads issue for the lead as she tries to weigh the decisions that she is being forced to make.  Continue on as a cop?  Hold on to the power of the WitchBlade?  This comic is definitely a hit among the fans as evidenced by its long run and I am sure that a lot of them would be satisfied with the conclusion of this story.  Its set up for what comes next, and what comes next is rather exciting.

This comic is a 52 page monster.  28 of those are that of the main story.  I feel its too decompressed and it could have been told far shorter.  I could've wished a lot more happened but the story is good enough on its own to carry its own weight.  Sad to say though, that the six issue preview of the incoming creative team's work actually was more satisfying and exciting than the main feature.  Now, that new team of Tim Seeley and Diego Berrnard is definitely one to watch out for if you are into this book.  I am not exactly sure of the pricepoint of this comic but if they are charging more than usual, I would think that its more of a cash grab as the bulk of this issue mainly consists of the previous 150 issues covers (something, that if your a devout collector, you already have) and interviews.  The main thing going for this book is the art from Stepjan Sejic, which is really breathtaking.  All in all, average issue for such a milestone moment. rating 6/10.

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