Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews

Whuzzah, wizards..! Oz has dropped a huge load of reviews on us. Enjoy! Uncanny X-Force #18, The Walking Dead Volume 15, Frankenstein Agent of Shade #4, Green Lantern #4, Avengers Academy #23, Demon Knights #4, Batwoman #4, Batman and Robin #4 and Fables Volume 16.

Uncanny X-Force #18 - Jerome Opena is an artistic God. I always feel steamrolled by his art. As for the rest of the issue, spoilers - our boy lives.

The Walking Dead Volume 15 - The aftermath of the last slaughterama arrives. Carl's position here is very reminiscent of where his TV show adaption was at recently. I wonder if that was planned. A good read but overall a pretty relaxed arc. Kirkman still packs the six issues with plenty of character development as personalities shift and relationships blossom. A new romance also sparks up as a nice last page surprise, ending things on a happier note rather then the usual shock.

Frankenstein Agent of Shade #4 - The conclusion to a fun arc. Nothing epic here yet still a nice foundation is set up for what ought to be a pretty crazy book.

Green Lantern #4 - The book keeps going with the Sinestro in the lead direction and I like it. In fact, I wouldn't really mind if Green Lantern turned into a Sinestro Corps title seeing as how interesting and visually stimulating they always are.

Avengers Academy #23 - X-23 joins the academy as a new story arc begins to set. Lots of great panels. Raney's pencils also look a lot sharper then previous issues.

Demon Knights #4 - This book gets better with each issue. Also, it's a bonus to try and see all the interconnections this title shares with Stormwatch. This issue was Shining Knight centric as he engages with Merlin, lord of all perception. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that perhaps Merlin is in fact none other then Adam 1 from Stormwatch.

Batwoman #4 - Someone gets sliced in half in this issue and that someone is of the bat legacy. This book retains it's integrity as the storyline gets more serious and intense. Easily the book of the week.

Batman and Robin #4 - As Batman's past comes to bite him on the ass, Damian Wayne falls further into darkness. This arc really puts Jason Todd in mind as another troubled Robin struggles to find his place in the world.

Fables Volume 16 - What an unexpected resolution to such a dire threat. Honor prevails! This volume was super fun with all the F-Men appearances. Bufkin also makes his heroic return! Another awesome volume.

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