Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Pigs #4

I first picked up Pigs on the basis of the story’s premise – the activation of a KGB sleeper Cell in Cuba. How awesome is that?! 4 issues in, the story hasn’t disappointed. Revolving around the children of a KGB cell, trained for a specific mission, Pigs is full of Russian mafia action.

Nate Cosby and Ben McCool have crafted a team of characters that have such a great dynamic – they are all different (although sometimes only subtly) and I love that team member and central character Felix no longer wants anything to do with the job, having carved a nice little life for himself in Cuba. Felix cops a whole lot of flak from the team, but it’s nice to see him being assertive in this issue.

This issue was absolutely brutal. The violence ranges from children beating the hell out of each other to full on torture. The final page was a genuine shock as well, which is not easy to do in comics. Breno Tamara’s art is murky and gritty, which matches the tone of the book perfectly, while Will Sliney’s flashback sequences offer a nice contrast. If your into action comics and special ops teams, then you should be reading Pigs.

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