Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week of 19th October - Oz & Tim's Picks

This week Oz picked up:
Blue Beetle #2
Green Lantern Corps #2
Justice League #2
Legion of Superheroes #2
Red Hood and the Outlaws #2
Wonder Woman #2
X-Factor #226
Tim was able to cut back to 12 issues and 3 trades this week, after dropping a few marvel and DC books:
All-Nighter 5 – Because David Hahn writes drama very well.
BPRD Hell on Earth: Russia 2 – Because Mike Mignola is my homey.
Bonnie Lass 2 – Because it has pirates in it.
Dark Horse presents 5 - Because it’s an anthology and includes an Eric Powell story.
Fables 110 – Because it’s Fables and Fables is awesome.
Helblazer 284 – Because it’s a story about a trench coat with residual magical powers.
Justice League 2 – Because I’m kind and give second chances.
The Scourge 5 – Because Scott Lobdell is writing the hell out of this series.
Spontaneous 5 – Because Spontaneous has been the best thing Oni has produced since Rucka’s Stumptown, and this is the final issue 2!
Uncanny X-Men 544 – Because my subscription hasn’t run out yet.
Wonder Woman 2 – Because we were all taken by surprise by the Awesomeness of issue 1.
X-Factor 226 – Because it’s PAD. Seriously.

15 Love TP – Because it was a surprisingly good teen drama mini series.
Freak Angels Vol. 6 – Because It’s a totally fascinating story that I want to re-read.
Unwritten Vol. 4 – Because it’s about magic and literature, and I’m and English Teacher/wizard.

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