Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back of the Bin Reviews

I absolutely love bargain/dollar bin comic shopping and since my town has three comic book stores but not a single copy of any of the DCNU, I've decided to review some older comics. I'll either love it and recommend you look for it (dig for it), hate it and warn you away from it (bury it), or like it only enough to buy it if you run across a good issue of it (sift for it)...
This week: 
Captain Atom #1, Christmas with the Super-heroes #2, Team Titans #1 (two editions), New Titans #100 and Booster Gold #2, 6

Captain Atom #1
Definitely an origin issue. A lot of setup as you would suspect- I couldn't wait to see who would be up against such a powerhouse but it never happened. But I really like Nathanial Adam (aka Captain Atom). If he keeps up the attitude he has in the beginning of the issue I could see myself as a fan. Very Guy Gardner-ish but less violent.  Some intriguing plot points and mysteries are teased and I'd definitely buy the second issue if I ran across it in the bin. At this point it's a sifter...
Christmas with the Super-heroes #2

A surprisingly good comic with individual stories featuring one or two JLA-ers. I was expecting this to be filled with ridiculous drivel but it had some serious tone to it while being realistically positive. Hell, it even made me enjoy Supes! Speaking of serious tones, this is the kind of book parents should be upset by- while the cover is completely filled with kiddie Christmas fare, page 2 features a grandpa who is about to kill himself with his own gun! The Batman feature is the most depressing thing I've read in a long while, and they fully acknowledge the “actual” existence of the Greek gods but not the Judeo-Christian-Muslim ones. Now I'm not offended by either count but this should be more of an issue than Catwoman and Starfire getting their rocks off in books obviously aimed toward mature teens. I'd say sift for any of these Christmas specials- should be a good read but not exciting enough to go looking for them...

Team Titans #1 (Terra and Mirage editions)
Now these are great origin stories. I guess it’s a bit easier since they had tumultuous beginnings but the story kept moving with great action while still building up the characters. I am actually more of a fan of Team Titans than the originals. Their timeline/universe confused me a bit (even more so with where they are now in the DCNU), but the stories easily pulled me back in. I'm anxious to know how this team continues and who is the team's mysterious leader but I'd prefer to read it in the books than to wiki it. Dig for this title, for sure...
New Titans #100
Just an OK book. An obvious “milestone” book meant for loyal readers/fans. The wedding of Nightwing and Starfire goes off without a hitch...for a superhero wedding. Of course a villain crashes and fighting ensues, but surrounding the chaotic ceremony is some good character development. Personally, I just don't click with many of the heroes in this book. Sort of liked Pantha, but those goddamn cat jokes do get old lol! And what was up with the overgrown baby?? Sift for this book and pick it up if the cover looks interesting...
Booster Gold #2, 6
I only barely enjoyed these books until Booster calls Supes a “sanctimonious jerk” in issue 6, which also tells Booster's origin. He's certainly a different kind of hero and I like the celebrity aspect of his life but newer issues have had noticeably more action and comedy. It is early in the title so booster's still coming into his own. Sift for titles further down in the title's run...

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