Monday, October 31, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews

This week, Oz reviews Flash #2, Annihilation Earth Fall #2, New Guardians #2, Justice League Dark #2 & Wolverine and The X-Men #1.

Flash #2 - Great art, great panel structures inferior only to Batwoman. The pacing hits like lightning and I'm yearning for more.

Annihilation Earth Fall #2 - Major improvement from the first issue although the Groot and Rocket story was light on the page count.

New Guardians #2 - This is the Bedard I know and love. If only he could transcend his strong writing skills here to the Blue Beetle title. Also, Tony is becoming a master of the last page shocker. Definite thumbs up.

Justice League Dark #2 - This book makes me want to check out the Hellblazer series. I know I know. You're probably thinking Oz you lusty
bastard, you've never read Hellblazer? What the fuzz is the matter with you??? To which I can reply there's only so many comics I can absorb per sleep cycle. This review got off subject pretty quickly so I'll just conclude by saying JLD #2 good? Yes, good. Should you get? If you like you're DC more on the mystical side, then heck ya. Also, they've got Zatanna pie.

Wolverine and The X-Men #1 - If you only get one x-comic this month, get X-Factor. But! If you got some change left over and your DCNU stash is a little light this week, this should be that other! What an awesome start of an ongoing! Each page is more dynamic and filled with H.S. moments. Aaron and Bachallo architect a brand new wing to the x-mythos, all while staying true to the old school. It's new but it's got that
x-smell we all love. Admit it, you love that x-smell! The only TINY disappointment was not seeing Dust in either the issue or in that handy faculty/student body icon chart. Especially since she was one of the main characters promoted in the Regenesis ads and pushed to the forefront during Schism. Lemire took the highest honors last month but I think it's time to pass the torch to Mr. Aaron for this brilliance of pulpy entertainment.

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