Friday, October 14, 2011

Back of the Bin Reviews - 15/10/11

In this week’s Back of the Bin Reviews Chris looks at Black Lightning #1, Captain Marvel #1, Cloak & Dagger #4, Wild C.A.T.S. Compendium and #0, Firestar #3, 4 and Teen Comics #5.

Black Lightning #1
I like buying comics with black heroes and there's usually some aspect I can get behind, but I just couldn't relate to this one. Hilarious blaxploitation, a funny look into past racial inappropriateness, or solid super-heroing - very little of this issue spoke to me. Standard anti-drug, war on street, crime stuff, heavy with odd slang (they repeatedly pronounced renovate as “ren-o-vate”, like they were impersonating JJ's “dy-no-mite”, from “Good Times”). It's not even played for comedic effect, just unnecessary. This title did have some of the better art in the stack- I just wish it had been put to better use with some proper super hero action. Bury this title if you find it...
Captain Marvel #1
Loving Genis' character! Funny and slightly tormented by a recent failure. Not enough action to it but an oddball of a read. Not much story to fill the issue either,
but it is a #1 so the focus is on background. I also didn't like a single one of the supporting characters, which included a horse-lady, a troll-looking guy, and an alien chick in a t-shirt. This title looks to be a sifter but I'd love to see this iteration of Captain Marvel revived...
Cloak & Dagger #4
More anti-drug stuff but a bit more highbrow than Black Lightning. I like how driven Cloak is to the cause, and I can still see that aspect in recent appearances. It's nice when heroes have a worthy nemesis to really use their powers against and who better than the Beyonder. Lots of talking in this book but if you enjoy the characters, that's a good thing. The title is generally too depressing for my taste so I say this is
almost a bury for me, but sift for the great guest appearances...
Wild C.A.T.S. Compendium and #0
The art is fantastic- worth digging for just that (certainly worth the dollar I paid for it..!).  Issue #0 is just that, not worth the read. The compendium itself? Love how much dialogue and story they use to fit into these books. At times, I did feel a bit overwhelmed but the story and action kept flowing and so did my nerd-jizz. The Youngblood cameo was much appreciated (did any of them make it into the DCNU?) Jacob Marlowe is the man! Spartan and Maul are just too cool. Hoping a second wave of characters make it into the DCNU roster. I feel like there's may too much story to hunt and peck this series, dig for more trades and bury single issues...

Firestar #3, 4
THIS IS THE EMMA FROST/WHITE QUEEN THAT I LOVE AND MISS..! Evil, evil, evil! This bitch kills me (and others) with her treachery. Firestar kicks ass in this origin story series and you get a superb story. Dig, dig, dig for this title..!
Teen Comics #5
This is basically a “Tiger Beat” magazine in water colour comic book form. Admittedly, this is solely a guilty pleasure buy. I only skimmed through the book which was a feature on Marky Mark and Kris Kross. I collect things of a ridiculous nature and this is close to the top. The softcore shirtless pics of Mark Wahlberg are classic and the devotion in the author's “voice” is just...MWUAHH..! Bury these as far back in the bin as you can...Unless it is as absolutely fabulous as this issue lol...

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